Study Bible in Cantonese - Abbreviated

Study Bible in Cantonese- Abbreviated

This is not a complete Bible. It only has parts of the Bible.

Finally, a practical Cantonese version of the Holy Bible is available! The Cantonese-Yale Abbreviated Bible (C-YAB) uses a modified/simplified Yale system Ping-Yam and traditional Chinese characters to translate alongside a paraphrased American Standard Version of most of the New Testament and key portions of the Old Testament. Now Christian workers and students of the Word, even if they cannot read Chinese, can easily locate passages and be able to read them aloud in Cantonese for Bible study, hospital visitation, and to conduct worship services and wedding and funeral services. To make this volume useful for this purpose, appended are hundreds of annotated references, a mini-hymnal in Cantonese, a counseling guide, a study guide, an index, and more. These study aids are cross-referenced to Bible verses found in the C-YAB, thus making this work a self-contained reference.